Tennessee Web Startup Offering Student Loan Relief for Interns

If you are currently in college, then you might want to consider becoming a social media intern for the Tennessee-based web start-up company, WeScore.

Located in Knoxville, this company is doing something pretty amazing for current college students who want to get a handle on those debilitating student loans before even graduating college.

What they have is an an eight week social media internship where the highest performers at the end of the period gets some student loan relief in the form of up to $35,000 of student loan debt payoff.  There is also a weekly stipend for the work performed.

Apparently, this program launched in September 2013, but this is the first that I have heard or seen of it. Maybe it will help out some current college students, since I graduated a few years ago. And hey, it is almost as cool as the Obama loan forgiveness program.

The company currently has some interns from the local university, UT Knoxville, and pays them an hourly rate of $22, which is a lot of money for a college intern!

More information on the company can be found on their website.

And, if you are interested in getting more info on this cool opportunity to reduce your student loan debt, then have a look at their video below.

Disclaimer: This site is NOT affiliated with the WeScore company in any way.

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