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My name is Shawna and I am in some serious student loan debt. Thanks to earning both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA, I have six-figure student loan debt. And I want to get rid of it.

Like many college students, I did not fully realize what I was getting myself into when I signed up for all those student loans. I went to undergraduate school out of state and had to pay a higher tuition than if I’d stayed at a school in my home state. This is one of the reasons that my debt figure is so high.

I also have the misfortune of having some private student loans in my school debt portfolio, which is pretty much the worst kind that you can end up with.

If I could say one thing to college students, it would be – do NOT get student loans to pay for your tuition costs! I have also learned that college might be for everyone – especially at the high cost of being shackled to these student loans.

I’ve started this site as a way to deal with my student loan frustrations, as well as a way to help other students out there deal with their own frustrations.

Here’s to us as we work our way through our college debt!


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